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We are working on the Ent World behind the scenes. To get a good working World with an interesting story-line, our Sims need to be skilled and educated. That's why I am sending some to University.

Sneezeweed Buzzcakes is an animal lover and loves to garden and strangely enough... to fish. She does throw all fish back though. She loves them too much :) Ah.... she needs to exercise a lot too. She inherited some of Queenie's baby fat... her beau Jacob does not seem to mind.

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Making it happen

The Ent World is in our minds... a rough outlay for the World is there already. Then we get the new EP University. I am a player :)  So what do I do? I start building lots and make the sims. It is about fairies and plant sims... easier said than done. You cannot just create a Plant Sim in CAS.

2 weeks later, I have a couple of the GREEN PEOPLE.